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Wedding Invitations Cheap – The invitations are the first occasion to impress the guests to your wedding day. They are an opportunity to introduce the theme and tone of the event. As well as show the important information that the guests need. If your wedding budget is limited or you simply like to take a handmade approach. Make your own invitations for the postal style wedding, for a fraction of the price of a professional printing press.

Design a wedding-size invitation for your wedding that matches your color palette and wedding theme. If you know how to operate the computer, use a design software to create your wedding invitations cheap. If you want a more personal touch for your invitation, make a screen print of your design on a thin sheet of fabric and then cut your individual designs with a sharp knife. Instead of using a printed design, cut linoleum block stamps or sponges for a more home-like appearance.

Wedding Invitations Cheap

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Cut a piece of thin cardboard 4 inches (10 cm) high by 6 inches (15 cm) wide. Use whatever font you choose for the carton. For example, use covers of old book covers, cereal boxes or even sturdy cardboard. The cardboard design will be cover, so it is not necessary to make new pieces.

Paint a layer of decoupage glue on one side of the cardboard. Carefully put the piece of paper or cloth over the glue, soften it with your hand and allow it to dry. Use a corner cutter to create flawless round edges.

Paint one layer of decoupage glue and glue the other side of the paperboard onto rice paper or another thin piece of cloth. Smooth the paper or flat cloth with your hand and trim the corners as needed. Instead of gluing a base, paint it a solid color and let it dry. Write or print the address information on the postcard for your wedding invitations cheap.

Wedding Invitations Cheap

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